Chibchacum is the rain and thunder god of the Muisca. Research on the Muisca religion tells us about Chibchacum. Main scholar is Javier Ocampo López.[1]
One tale tells how the Muisca venerated a rock and worshipped Bochica. Chibchacum was very angry and rebelled against Bochica. He went down to Earth and noticed a woman, Chié coming to get some water. Chibchacum wooed her into joining his rebellion, promising that Chié would be his queen once Bochica was finished. Chié joined, and soon everybody was fighting, believing that they were better than others and lying. This caused a civil war. Chié was cursed by Bochica and was turned into a barn owl. His plan foiled, Chibchacum plotted his revenge. He had his revenge by speaking an evil incantation causing a huge flood. The people screamed to Bochica telling them to let them live and in return they would worship Bochica. So, once Bochica created a valley to wash away the floodwaters, he knew he had to punish Chibchacum. Bochica cursed Chibchcacum by forcing him to carry Mother Earth on his back.[2] To this day the Muisca believe that when there is an earthquake, it is Chibchacum shifting his heavy load. [3]