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The ZAMPOÑA comes from the Aymara culture and represents the magical sound and the strength of the Andean people, it consists of two rows of tubes tied, 7 at the top, called ARCA and 6 in the bottom called IRA, these tubes of different sizes, forming the musical notes.

Made mostly of bamboo, which when played intertwined produces a melodious sound and sentimental. In the Andean communities it is played in large groups called SICURIS TROOPS renowned festivals of the Altiplano. Among the family of zampoñas or sicus there are different sizes which adopt different names like CHILI or chuli the smallest, or BASTO ZANKA bigger and TOLLO which is the size of a person and is issued by the sound more serious and deep. The instrument is one of the most important of Andean culture as transmitted in its sound and sense the strength of the Andean peoples