Huitaca (goddess)

Huitaca or Xubchasgagua was a rebelling goddess in the religion of the Muisca.[1] The Muisca and their confederation were one of the four advanced civilizations of the Americas who inhabited the Altiplano Cundiboyacense in the Andes. Huitaca has been described by the chroniclers Juan de Castellanos in his Elegías de varones ilustres de Indias,[2] Lucas Fernández de Piedrahita[3] and Pedro Simón.[4]

Spellings and names[edit]
• Huitaca[1]
• Huythaca[3]
• Guitaca[4]
• Xubchasgagua[1]
• Jubchrasguaya[2]
• Yubecayguaya[3]
Huitaca was the goddess of arts, dance and music,[5][6] witchcraft, sexual liberation and the Moon.[7] According to the Muisca legends Huitaca was a goddess of extreme beauty who praised a life full of joy, games, pleasure and drunkenness who was rebelling against Bochica upon which he turned her into an owl.[1]
Some chroniclers state Huitaca was another name for Moon goddess Chía[8][9] or Bachué, mother goddess of the Muisca.[7]
Huitaca in modern art[edit]
Sculptor Julia Merizalde Price has made a sculpture honouring Huitaca, picturing her after the curse of Bochica.[10]
Photographer Carlos Saavedra has made a exposition showing different indigenous women of Colombia in his search for Huitaca.[11]