Comprehensive preparation for working with ayahuasca and a resolute commitment to ongoing integration after your retreat are as important as the healing you will experience whilst here. It is critical that you commit at the deepest level possible to the advice contained in this document – before, during and after your retreat – in order to ensure your healing experience is positive, safe and sustained over the long term.

Many people from the West who are new to ayahuasca come with a misconception of
the way the medicine works. There is no ‘quick fix’ when awakening to higher aspects of consciousness or alleviating long-term pain and suffering. We can never offer any guarantees regarding healing, but we do sincerely and wholeheartedly promise to always try our best.

Indigenous traditions have worked with ayahuasca for thousands of years and have never viewed it as a quick fix or a recreational experience. However, ayahuasca and the healing traditions of the Amazon are often able to offer a significant intervention into chronic emotional/psycho-spiritual imbalances and, sometimes, physical health conditions. It is fundamentally a transformational pathway to integrate and release the causes of pain and suffering.

Ayahuasca is a powerful cleansing and purifying medicine that can rid the body of physical impurities, the mind and body of emotional blockages and self-limiting fear-filled patterns that have accumulated over a lifetime, as well as retrieve fragmented aspects of one’s soul due to past traumatic events. The medicine is also a teacher who initiates or accelerates us into a lifelong journey of continual self-discovery, deep personal transformation and remembrance of the divine within us all.

Our retreats are an opportunity to rebalance, cleanse and learn about your true self. You will need personal integrity and courage as you will face the whole of your self, including ‘shadow aspects’. Although it is impossible to predict what you might experience with the medicine, it is essential to understand that ayahuasca brings the experiences of your inner world into your conscious awareness; this includes the ‘shadows’ within that lie at the root of disorder, imbalance, suffering and pain. We are deeply committed to providing a safe and caring environment to support you in anything that might arise.

The best way to approach ayahuasca is to develop a relationship with the medicine and not seek to simply take the medicine. When working with ayahuasca in a healthy manner, you enter into a relationship of reciprocity – receiving the healing and teachings, and giving back through taking responsibility for your ‘shadow,’ a long-term commitment to change, courage to face your fears, and a willingness to find and offer your gifts to the world. True transformation, personal growth and evolution are marked by gradual and grounded changes requiring sustained conscious awareness and actualization. Working with ayahuasca can be a highly beneficial spiritual practice that activates evolutionary healing, provided your intent and approach are sincere. The ceremonial experience itself is only one component of the healing experience, no matter how powerful or profound. Comprehensive preparation and total dedication to the integration period afterwards are as equally important as the healing experienced during ceremony.

10 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Drinking Ayahuasca
10 Tips To Better Your Ayahuasca Experience
Basic Tips:

Cleanse Your Body
Cleanse the space
Cleanse Your Mind
Set Your Intention & Prayer:
-Ask the spirit of the medicine to be with you
-Acknowledge the space you are at
-Make offerings for local spirits
Keep Your Eyes Closed and SURRENDER
-Let me see what I haven't seen
Keep Still
Focus on Your Breath
Focus on the Words and Songs:
-Let songs be sing through you

Bad trip
Focus on Your Breath
Center Your Attention to Your Heart
Drink Water
Get Help
Special occasions
-Draw circle around you or blow tobacco circle around you