Items to Bring

Flashlight with a red-light setting for walking from your mat to the toilet during ceremony
• Journal/art supplies
• Light/spiritual books
• Rain jacket
• Rain boots (strongly recommended for the hike through the jungle to the Temple)
• Loose, lightweight clothing (quick-dry or bamboo is best)
• Swimsuit
• Flip flops or athletic wet/dry sandals (such as Chacos, Crocs)
• Sunglasses, sun hat
• Compostable feminine products
• Biodegradable soap and cosmetic products
• Mosquito repellant
• Sunblock
• Water bottle
• Lighter
• Batteries (please take used batteries back home with you as they cannot be safely disposed of in Peru)

Additional notes:
• We advise you to bring long-sleeved shirts and pants to wear after 5pm, as this is the time when mosquitoes are more prevalent. If you are coming in the wet season (November through April), the number of mosquitoes will be higher. All of our buildings (including all tambos) are protected by mosquito netting to help ensure your comfort.
• We offer a laundry service that typically takes two to three days, depending on weather conditions.
• If you would like to leave behind any books or art supplies for future guests, we would be very grateful.