Female info

There are very specific and important traditions regarding women and their monthly cycle in our Community.

We believe women hold immense power during their lunar cycle. During this period of the month women are connected to the spirits, and are purging and regenerating. Use of the medicine is not needed at this time.

In rare occurrences, use of the medicine can cause additional and sometimes heavy and uncontrolled bleeding.

For these reasons, women on their period are not allowed to participate in ceremony. Please plan and schedule your retreat accordingly.

If for some reason your cycle starts early, you will not be allowed to participate in ceremony. It is dangerous for you and the other participants to be near those in ceremony, so you will be asked to move to a separate building. We will continue to take care of you, and will try to include other therapies if possible.

Here is some information from the Wife of one of our Shaman with the tribal views of womens cycles.

Awareness of our natural cycle …….

The menstrual cycle is experienced as a bad phenomenon, it is ignored or it is hidden, we are taught that we must face our emotions without drawing attention. That’s why we tend to hide our cycles so we are not considered weak.

Releasing these social constraints, it can positively affect the emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth of women …

Women of childbearing age live in a society oriented towards the Male, amending their perception of the world and of herself ….This environment does not provide a guide structure to help us cope with the feelings and experiences of the menstrual cycle.

Every woman experiences her period differently is why we must understand and be aware of the cyclical nature female, to better understand their own time and way she perceives herself. In fact a woman should learn to discover the gifts enclosed in menstruation and will think about it positively which can then help their daughters and other women to accept their gender and cycles of its own.

Many women before and during menstruation physically and emotionally suffer, considering such negative and destructive symptoms and is intended only to fight but if the cause of the malaise obviously is the fact of being a woman. And western women do not have any traditions to help you understand and use this awareness positively.

If the woman actually realizes that her menstrual life is an expression of a being cyclical in nature, begin to see part of the great rhythms of the universe, even more accept their true condition and get bring harmony to your life. There are a number of traditions, stories, myths, legends that contain a significant amount of teachings and ideas for managing our period.

Recognize, heal and forgive finally, it lets you choose which is what I do care about my life, what is inherited from all those women who preceded me and that’s what I do not need. Take the initiative to heal the female lineage.

Women’s eggs are formed when the baby is still in the womb, in a sense a part of you has been in the womb of your grandmother and so on …

We bring in our cells and DNA history of our ancestors, their emotional fields, mental structures, physical-ailments connected with the legacy of the women who come to heal, benefits for us and also the entire lineage, from the perspective that time and space are relative and are only a mental construct.

Healing begins when you look and be aware of what is mine separating yourself from what is given- see those patterns that generate pain, frustration, embarrassment, guilt, any physical, emotional, mental pattern starting from here, the proposal is from the workshop-healing meditation rituals-guided representation- give voice to the creativity-lineage.

The menstrual cycle is a very important ritual and a yagé issue. “The woman who is on her period can not take part in the ritual,” because at that time she is “downloading energies” and as such may cause damage to the yagé, the shaman or by the participants of the ritual and can even cause damage to herself.

In the tradition women should not attend the ritual or three days before and three days later period and must bathe with basil after the end of the cycle to clean energy produced by its period …

Does not mean that our cycle is impure and many legends are said on the contrary our menstrual cycle is medicine ….