"if I can give you one piece of advice it would be to just surrender”…. so I thought I would also put this in your psyche as well if it’s of any help ...

Surrender refers to a state of physical, mental, and emotional inaction which provides an energetic opening which facilitates Divine Presence and activity.

Surrender refers to the yielding or giving over of self, desires, intentions and outcomes which is not equivalent to disinterest. Rather, surrender is a state of detachment from the details and controlling the details related to how the outcome must or will unfold.

It is a state of neutrality which allows events to unfold without limitation, judgment or resistance.

Surrender is the active state of remembrance that there is a divine law and order to activities and events.

As a state of consciousness and being, surrender means being flexible, willing and open to the flow, influence, energy and power of Divine Presence.

In the realm of common experience, surrender is thought of as giving up, as in defeat. In the spiritual realm, surrender is giving over to a powerful, higher presence which takes into account the interests and well being of all involved.

In a state of surrender without attachment to how or when things must occur, we become receptive and obedient to the inner voice which may offer opportunities and possibilities which were not considered.

The greatest demonstration of surrender is in the choice not to indulge toxic emotions (e.g., anger, guilt, shame, etc.). To surrender a negative emotion requires acknowledgment that it exists and the choice not to allow it to control thought or behavior.