Consider: Why are you seeking this medicine? Your intention is your mantra, focus and thread to the material realm. It can help you keep focus while engaged with this deep work and is the most important first step of integration. Of course your intention may change, but it is the initial work in a meaningful, empowered and transformational encounter with this scared plant medicine.
Ayahuasca will show you many things, but you can also ask her what to show you. Further, when trying to understand and make meaning of your experience with this medicine, you will find your original intention a helpful reference. If you simply ask the medicine to “teach me”, you may get a confusing – albeit potent – lesson, so it is best to ask for something more specific so the lesson can be translated with more clarity.

Developing and Fine-tuning Your Intention

Consider: What do you need? Where are you stuck? What do you want to know about yourself? Are you in a relationship that is causing you to suffer? Are you looking for resolution with something? Do you need clarity? Do you want to believe in something bigger or love yourself more?

Whatever your questions, find the ones that are the most deeply present for you and write them down. Let them sit for a few days, perhaps on your altar and begin to feel into their potency. If you have a meditation practice, perhaps use some of your sitting time to reflect on your list of intentions.

Intention Object
Power stick, power object, wand, crystals, photos: Bringing something powerful with you to the Temple from home that you make while considering your intention can be useful to keep your intention alive. After finding your intention for this work, see what objects call
How to Prepare for Healing with Ayahuasca 6
you, or what creations you feel compelled to craft/make, to concretize your intention into something tangible that you can carry with you as a reminder, or a tether, to yourself as you are now.