The Siona language

sioni, piojés, pioche-sioni, zeona, kokakañu, quenquejoyo, paikoka

siona, katucho-pai, ganteyabain, ganteya, ceona, zeona, kokakanú

ISO 639-3

Alternate Names
Ceona, Ganteya, Ganteyabain, Kanú, Koka, Pioche-Sioni, Pioje, Sioni, Zeona

200 in Colombia (Civallero 2008). Ethnic population: 730 (2001 Guía Etnográfica de Colombia). Total users in all countries: 500.

Putumayo department: El Tablero and Resguardo Buenavista, between Poñuna Blanca and Poñuna Negra on Putumayo river and tributaries.

Language Maps 

Language Status
7 (Shifting).

Tucanoan, Western Tucanoan, Macaguaje

None known. Ethnically different from the Secoya [sey], but they use the same language, Paicoca (2011 W. Largo). Lexical similarity: 95% with Secoya [sey] (2007 W. Largo).


Language Use
Also use Spanish [spa].

Language Development
Literacy rate in L1: 5%–10%. Literacy rate in L2: 15%–25%. Dictionary. Grammar. NT: 1982–2009. 

Latin script [Latn].

Other Comments
Those in Ecuador consider themselves Colombians. Distinct from Secoya (Siona-Secoya) [sey].

OLAC resources in and about the Siona language
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Folclor Indigena de Colombia

Gantëya bain (El pueblo siona del río Putumayo, Colombia) 1

Gantëya bain (El pueblo siona del río Putumayo, Colombia) 2

Grammar of the Siona language, Colombia, South America


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