‘Evil Spirits’: The Spiritual Truth Behind Drinking Alcohol

This will be an extremely interesting article for all of those who love to drink or are interested in the origins of alcohol, especially from the spiritual and historical aspects. Have you ever thought about the spiritual side of the consumption of alcohol and how it all began?

Let’s begin with the nomenclature- the word ‘alcohol’ itself comes from the Arabic ‘ Al-Kuhl’ which means ‘body eating spirit’. This is what this word literally means and it’s used all over the world to name the chemical substance we use for many different purposes, but mostly for drinking(at least judged by popularity).

To understand the origins of alcohol, we should get back to the Crusades. It is a whole package of different things that Europeans inheritted from the more advanced, back at the time, Arabs who ruled the developed and progressive Middle East, while Europe was drowning in the primitivity of the Dark Ages of the medieval.

If you really get to research it you will notice that alcohol itself has been important throughout different religions Christianity, Judaism, and so forth. As a matter of fact, the Egyptians even used it in several traditions and burial rights for those who could afford it. According to Jason Christoff in alchemy, alcohol is used to extract the soul essence of an entity. When we consume it extracts the very essence of our souls. This allows neighboring entities (most of which are considered to be a lower energy) to take control.

When we drink in excessive amounts, you know like to the point where we are blackout drunk, we are polluting our bodies in several different ways. When we black out it is because our bodies have become too toxic for our souls. Our souls then become idle and a dark entity gets to take our bodies out for a joy ride. This could also contribute as to why we don’t often remember anything from our blackout drinking trips.

To be able to understand this concept better, we should see our bodies as spiritual objects too. There is a clear distinction between the spiritual and material reality, but anyway, when it comes to the human nature and all of the inter-connections of the human body and soul, it is very hard to define what is the clear ‘border’ between these two separate entities.

The best thing we can possible do to ourselves is to accept drinking as part of our culture. To make it a ritual, an event for social connectivity and fun, but NEVER abuse it or make it a priority of your daily basis. Follow your strict behavorial patterns and enjoy consuming alcohol in small amounts, don’t let alcohol consume yourself.