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Riego (clean up the space)

For external use only*

In equal proportion, boil than its good to be used.

Take new plants, enough to make some liquid and smash them. Very important the intention of a person who smash - makes the liquid.
Smash with wood or stone stick. Smash with 3 hits interval.
Every time you put a new smashed plant in the bucket you squeeze and rinse the plants in the bucket
While collecting - One should think how he wants the ceremony to be that night; what they want people to achieve; also present yourself to the plants (hi, my name is XXX, I am.., I ask permission to take you to the ceremony, give us protection, peace, bringing good energy, good thoughts, etc.)
When you smash plants: please mother nature, god, protect us tonight, let this night be peaceful, the remedy easy on everyone, so everybody can achieve what they are looking for; invoke sacred spirits of animal kingdom, minerals kingdom, plants-herbs family
Only animals who has the spirit of light, knowledge, wisdom etc.
After we smashed the plants we put them into a pot with hot water for 30 min.

Riego is ready!

Present the brew to the elder then go to all places where you gonna be during ceremony.
That's how you close the space.
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Cleanse the space

To prepare the room, cover mirrors, close windows, open doors (including cupboards), and turn off all electronics.
If burning sage, separate the stems, leaves, and buds, then crush the leaves into a tight ball. Light it with a match, then blow it out, and waft the smoke through the room.

Start in the morning from main door from the right side, passing by the entire perimeter of the house.

The procedure starts with copal, so that the smoke purifies the space and takes out the bad energies, then Riego is applied.

When Riego has yage, there should not be women with the period while it is applied and they should wait a while to re-enter the place.

With the smoke you ask for the good spirits to stay and the negative spirits to go away,” says Eddy Robinson, Ojibwa cultural educator and founder of Morningstar River, which provides aboriginal culture education. “When you get to the front, you shoot the smoke out the front door and then you wait a minute or two. Then you go outside and you put the ashes of the sage on the doorstep, and that is to protect the entrance. And then after that you put on a feast for the house.” 

Let it air-dry for the whole day and the next day you can mop the floor with leftovers.