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La Purga

With the initial work focused on cleansing and purifying your physical body to prepare you for the next stages, one quite reasonable expectation is that you will experience a strong purge (hence the name given to ayahuasca, “La Purga”). The purge is an important part of the ceremony experience, yet not everyone purges in the first ceremonies.

The purge usually takes the form of vomiting, but sometimes takes the form of diarrhea. It is an energetic cleansing that will help clear vibrational imprints and emotional blockages as well as physical toxins. Many people purge strongly in their initial ceremony experiences, and move into deeper experiences as these blockages are removed. Other people experience the reverse: they do not purge early on but have cleansing purges in later experiences.

Some people have unrealistically high expectations of their first ceremonies. If you do not have any visions in your first ceremonies, this is not unusual. Breathtaking visions at an early stage are rare, although each person is different. You may also see a proliferation of colors, lights, geometric patterns and/or animals. These are actually somewhat peripheral to the medicine work: the more profound healing work is taking place on deeper levels. Please remember we are a healing center and not a tripping center!
It is impossible to outline exactly what will happen on your personal inner journey. Everyone is different and will go through a deeply personal experience. Even though things may become difficult, there are no ‘bad’ experiences. The most challenging experiences are opportunities for profound transformation and deep healing. No ceremony is ever the same as another, and even the most seasoned participant cannot predict what direction their experience will take.