Rondin (mestizo: Peru, Ecuador, Colombia). Another multiple single-reed concussion aerophone is the rondin or harmonica. In Colombia the instrument is also known as armdnica, dulzaina, and sirifonia, and its use has been documented since that country’s civil wars (Davidson 1970, vol. 2:194-95):
In Cundinamarca ... la dulzaina intervened in our civil wars, as Mora wrote (1936): One morning we took the road to the north, and in the sadness of the farewells and allurement of the adventure, we crossed rugged roads and steep mountains while playing bandurrias, dulzainas, and rustic flutes....
In the city of Cajamarca in northern Peru, the rondin occasionally has fused with the style of the cajero, or single player of the flute and drum. There, the harmonica is played in an unusual manner by one musician who accompanies himself with a drum; since the same hand that holds the drum also must hold the rondin (because the other hand holds the drum stick), the musician must move his head back and forth to obtain the different pitches, rather than move the harmonica.