Bano de Despojo y Limpias (Spiritual Cleansing bath/wash)

One of the most fundamental and frequently needed rituals are the Spiritual Baths (Despojos) that helps you remove any negativity, energy shocks, or dark spirits that a person may have taken in their daily activity or directly targeted by third peoples. It also helps balance their internal and external energies promoting the positive flow for prosperity, wealth, happiness, health and love.

Baño de limpieza means literally “cleansing bath” and is a purifying herbal bath aimed at the dissipation of negative energies/thoughts that may have penetrated the auric field and/or the body of a person, creating a situation of unhealthy emotional imbalance. During each Ayahuasca retreat there will be three cleansing ritual baths per week (the timing is decided by the shaman), with Ayahuasca, Chacruna, Ajos sacha, Sara masho, or Rosa sisa leaves.

Through these ritual baths, the spirits of the plantas maestras are believed to enter more easily in contact with the person.
The shamans recommend that it is important not to shed off the flowers from one’s body, after having done a baño de florecimiento. The flowers should be left on your person for as long as possible (to retain good luck), and you should simply wait for them to fell down, with the natural movements of your body.

In equal proportion, boil then its good to be used.

Take new plants, enough to make some liquid and smash them. Very important the intention of a person who smash - makes the liquid.
Smash with wood or stone stick. Smash with 3 hits interval.
Every time you put a new smashed plant in the bucket you squeeze and rinse the plants in the bucket
While collecting - One should think how he wants the ceremony to be that night; what they want people to achieve; also present yourself to the plants (hi, my name is XXX, I am.., I ask permission to take you to the ceremony, give us protection, peace, bringing good energy, good thoughts, etc.)
When you smash plants you should think - please mother nature, god, protect us tonight, let this night be peaceful, the remedy easy on everyone, so everybody can achieve what they are looking for; invoke sacred spirits of animal kingdom, minerals kingdom, plants-herbs family
Only animals who has the spirit of light, knowledge, wisdom etc.

- Lemongrass - Cymbopogon Schoenanthus - Limoncillo
- Iresine (sinverguenza)
- Escancel
- Lippia alba (pronto olivio)
- Mint (Mentha)
- Lavandula latifolia (lavender)
- Narciso Negro

Additional plants:
- Rosa cisa (Tagetes erecta)
- Psychotria poeppigiania (Labio de novia)
- Brugmansia grandiflora (chiric sanango)
- Cyperus articulatus (Piri Piri)

For external use only